The 1st Opening Gala of the Iwanowska Programme was held on Wednesday, 26 June. The objective of the Iwanowska Programme is to promote international mobility of doctoral students by enabling them to carry out research or hold classes in foreign research and academic centres around the globe. Visits lasting from six to twelve months involve stays at recognised research centres and the completion of research projects in collaboration with outstanding scholars from abroad.

We met with the scholarship holders of the first edition of our mobility programme for Polish PhD candidates in the building of the University of Warsaw Library. In the course of the event, Agnieszka Stefaniak-Hrycko, Deputy Director of NAWA, wished the scholarship winners courage in making their research ideas turn into reality. A member of the evaluation team, Prof. Jakub Fichna, advised the winners to gain as much experience as possible during their visits abroad and to seek cooperation contacts, and finally to bring to Poland and use at home universities and research institutions everything they will have learned abroad.

69 best applicants were granted scholarships in the 1st edition of the Iwanowska Programme. The largest groups of applications that obtained funding were in the domains of natural sciences (35), engineering and technology (13) and social sciences (8). Moreover, scholarships were granted to seven applicants in the area of medical sciences, four to representatives of the humanities and two to scholars in the domain of agricultural sciences. The most popular destinations are Germany (10), the United States (8), France (6), Australia and Spain (5 each), Denmark, the United Kingdom and Italy (4 each). Good news is that as many as 44 women were granted scholarships, which amounts to 63.76% of the winners.

A visit will give the young scholars the opportunity to develop their skills and expertise, as they will be able to gain new valuable experience and obtain material for their doctoral dissertations at renown foreign research centres.

The complete photo relation from the 1st Gala of the Iwanowska Programme will soon be available on our Flickr profile.