Are you participating in the next EAIE conference in Helsinki? If the answer is yes, we invite you to attend the session Joint or Double Degree Programmes (JDDP) added value for students and University organized by NAWA with DAAD and Diku – the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education.

Multinational academic exchange, students’ mobility, dissemination of scientific achievements, free movement of people and the possibility of using foreign educational services are the main goals of higher education. They lead to the active presence on the international arena and are included not only in global cooperation but also in competition for the most Helsinki 2019 Speaker button 1talented people in the science and cutting-edge discoveries areas.

Fostering exchange on both student and faculty level as well as building sustainable international structures at participating universities, JDDP is an essential part of many universities’ internationalisation strategies. Therefore, their significance most likely will be continuously increasing. However, JDDP also brings challenges to national HE systems. European countries want to stand up to these. Processes related to the internationalisation of European education are supported by national bodies responsible for HE, science and academic exchange that designed programmes addressed to academics and students. The outcome of an evaluation of a large national funding programme, covering several hundred JDDP with more than 50 countries over a period of more than ten years, will give an insight into the motivation and challenges when starting a JDDP as well as the (university-wide) benefits once they are successfully established. Participants will be provided with information on how to disseminate JDDPs in their countries and promote joint programmes abroad.

Participants of the session will have the opportunity to gain knowledge about the additional learning outcomes, especially the so-called 21st-century skills, that result from the implementation of JDDPs and about the added value for academic and administrative staff as well as for the university that results from JDDPs - its positive impact on the quality of teaching. The session takes place on Wednesday, 25 September at 9.00).

If the international promotion is your area of interest, stop by the poster session area on Thursday (26 September, 14.30-16.00) and learn more on how to promote effectively during international education fairs - the presentation of another speaker from NAWA.

See you in Helsinki!