If you need a recognition statement, e.g. to present it to your employer or to continue your study at Polish university, you can apply to NAWA according to following instruction. The recognition statement is issued only in Polish and it is free of charge. 

  1. Fill in and sign the pdfRecognition-application-form-RODO.pdf433.99 KB

The application form should be filled in in English or Polish. The names of awarded diploma, titles and degrees as well as names of awarding institutions are to be indicated in original form – if the Latin alphabet was used. In other cases the names should be translated into Polish or English.

By signing the application you agree to:

  • processing of personal data in order to issue information about the possibility of recognizing documents (these data are protected and are not shared outside the Agency),
  • verification of the authenticity of documents - if necessary.
  1. Prepare the set of necessary documents:

NOTE: The documents should be certified by the Polish notary (notariusz) or by the Consul of the Republic of Poland in the country where the diploma was awarded 

  • certified copy of the diploma
  • certified copy of the transcript/ diploma supplement/ list of subjects and grades etc. – in case of diplomas of higher education
  • photocopy of the previous document of education together with transcript/ diploma supplement (in case of submitting the diploma of completion of I level studies the previous document is a secondary education certificate)
  • photocopy of the certified translation of the above mentioned documents – in case of documents issued in languages other than English, German, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian

NOTE: Document translations (if required) should be done by a Polish translator entered in the list of sworn translators 

  • photocopy of the identity card/ passport
  • photocopy of the document stating the change of surname (if the surname indicated in the diploma is different from that currently used).
  1. The application together with the complete set of documents should be sent by post to the following address:

Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange

Polna 40

00-635 Warsaw

The information will be issued within 30 days from the date of receipt of the complete set of required documents and sent by registered letter to the person and correspondence address in Poland, indicated  in the application form.

The information is issued in Polish.

There is no fee for issuing the information on foreign diploma.