Purpose of the Programme

The aim of the Programme is to increase international mobility of scientists and academic professors employed at Polish universities and scientific units by enabling them to conduct research or teach in renowned foreign centres around the world. Trips lasting from 3 to 12 months will allow them to stay in recognized scientific centres, establish long-term cooperation and implement projects together with eminent foreign scientists. The Programme will create an opportunity for younger scientists to complete valuable postdoctoral scholarships.

The Programme provides funding of the scholarship covering both the Beneficiary’s subsistence costs related to a researcher’s stay at a foreign host institution and a mobility allowance. The amount of the scholarship can be increased if the spouse of the Beneficiary and his/her underage children are included in the trip, and in the case of the Beneficiary having a certified disability to a significant or moderate degree – a carer.

Eligible applicants

Applicants in the Programme are individual scientists and academic teachers, possessing at least a doctorate degree, employed at Polish universities or research units under a contract of employment or a civil law contract.

Actions implemented under the Programme:

The Programme allows trips whose aim is to:

  • conduct scientific research or development work;
  • obtain materials for scientific work;
  • conduct didactic classes at the host institution;
  • complete a scientific training;
  • other forms of scientific or academic activities.

In the application, the Applicant submits a project covering one or more of the above-mentioned activities that he intends to implement at a foreign host centre, indicating its goals, relevance to the development of their academic career and justifying the host's choice for planned activities. The applicant also encloses an invitation from the host centre, confirming the will to cooperate and accepting NAWA scholarship fellow for the requested period.

The Programme is open to scientists representing all fields of science. There are also no restrictions on the countries where host centres are located.

One Applicant may submit only one application for financing in a given call within the Programme, covering a trip to one host centres. 

Call for applications

Applications must be submitted from 4 April to 4 June, 2018, by 3.00 p.m.Central European summer time, only in electronic form in the NAWA IT system.

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For further questions/details, please contact:

Department of Programmes for Scientists

Ms. Katarzyna Pietruszyńska

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