Through developing the existing grant and aid programmes, NAWA aims at developing Polish students mobility and encouraging foreigners to start their studies in Poland at a number of fields to be conducted both in Polish and foreign languages.

NAWA coordinates scholarship programmes under terms set forth in agreements, with the collaboration of Polish diplomatic missions and institutes which will publish the offer for students on their websites. The grant amount will depend on the type of study course.

The website has been created by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (MNiSW) and is aimed at promoting Poland (Why Poland) as a country of studying, not only through the Erasmus+ programme. The website is a source of information on the higher education system and deals with queries important to students: how much a tuition fee is, what life and work in Poland is like.

At, you can also find interviews with graduates with their remarks and advice.

A search for fields of study is practical as well. The choice of an educational pathway depends on a student's status (his/her citizenship, Karta Polaka) and helps determine the rules of studying in Poland.