Kurs Romański - NAWA

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The implementation of the Kurs Romański 2018 was a continuation of the annual event organised so far by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The Kurs Romański 2018 lasted three weeks, from 5 to 25 February 2018, and was attended by 35 students of Polish language courses and of Polish studies from foreign academic centres located in Italy, Spain, Belgium (Wallonia), Moldova, Romania, Portugal and Morocco.

The organiser of the Kurs Romański 2018 was the School of Polish Language and Culture at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

In addition to learning the language at various levels and lectures presenting the history of Poland and Polish culture, the participants in the course took part in cultural activities: trips (e.g. to Wieliczka, Auschwitz and Zakopane) and cultural events (inter alia, workshops, urban game, concerts, integration meetings).

The participants in the course also had an opportunity to choose additional classes dedicated to a specific area of vocabulary (e.g. legal or medical language) and participate in individual consultations.

Participation in the course was free of charge for its participants, they only covered the costs of travel to Poland and back to their country of origin.

The blog created by the participants in the Kurs Romański 2018: http://romanskikrakow.blogspot.com/?m=1