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The General Anders Scholarship Programme for Polish diaspora is addressed to young people of Polish origin. The programme promotes Poland as country of attractive educational opportunities, strengthens level of qualifications in the Polish communities abroad and is an opportunity to learn culture and history of Poland.

The programme enables young people of Polish origin to undertake first-cycle, second-cycle or uniform Master’s degree studies in Poland at higher education institutions supervised by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Culture and Cultural Heritage.

The scholarship covers full-time studies in a wide range of fields except for applied linguistics and foreign languages (apart from Polish philology). The studies must be held in Polish. The studies may be preceded by a yearly preparatory course designed to improve Polish language skills and deepen knowledge related to the field of future studies.

The candidates must be holders of the Pole’s Card or young people with dual citizenship (of Poland and of other country), having completed secondary education outside Poland. Candidates are selected on the basis of the calls for proposals and its specific criteria. The calls for proposals are announced on annual basis.