Strategic Partnerships Programme - NAWA

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Purpose of the Programme

The objective of the Programme is to develop durable solutions in the area of scientific, implementation and teaching process cooperation, pursued within the framework of international academic partnerships. The results of the project should provide a foundation for the development of a long-lasting cooperation of entities forming a Partnership. Projects implemented under the Programme shall be in line with a long-term development policy of an Applicant and Partners.

Thematic scope of actions implemented under the Programme

Actions undertaken in the framework of international institutional cooperation in the area of scientific research, implementing activities or education shall be eligible in a project and they may include the following issues:

  • drafting of publications with an international scope;
  • elaboration and lodging of grant applications;
  • organisation of international conferences, seminars;
  • development of modern educational material, which shall be used in institutions participating in a project;
  • development or designing of new educational tools and methods;
  • participation in internships;
  • exchange of students and employees;
  • support for reviewing processes in doctoral, post-doctoral and professorial procedures;
  • carrying out scientific research in cooperation with entrepreneurs, subject to no funds being transferred to enterprises;
  • development of quality management, including internal systems for ensuring the quality of education, research, administration;
  • carrying out research and development work with an international dimension;
  • development of a strategy for dissemination of research carried out by employees of a university;
  • entering into cooperation with foreign entrepreneurs with the aim to adapt the educational offer of a university to market needs.

Programme documents in English:

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pdfUpdate-of-the-Regulations.pdf643.93 KB

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