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CEEPUS Programme – Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies

The principal objective of the CEEPUS Agreement is to support the academic exchange in terms of education, student work placement and in-service academic teacher training. By providing funding for academic mobility, the agreement allows for intensification of cooperation between HEIs in different countries which are the Parties to the Agreement.

The CEEPUS programme offers:

  • short-term grants as part of Network mobility;
  • short-term grants as part of the "Freemover" mobility;
  • short-term grants as part of the Summer Schools and Intensive Courses mobility.

The following individuals are eligible to apply for CEEPUS foreign grants:

  • students
  • doctoral candidates
  • research staff

The following are presently signatories to the Agreement:

Albania, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo (University of Pristina).

As part of the presently implemented CEEPUS III Agreement, over 500 Polish students and doctoral candidates, as well as 300 academic teachers participate annually in a variety of education and professional qualification upgrade forms. As part of the Programme, the average of some 300 foreign students and doctoral candidates and some 200 academic teachers come to Poland during the academic year.

The CEEPUS programme is the second most important multilateral higher education collaboration programme for the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

For all procedures, information and application rules go to www.ceepus.info.

Apply for CEEPUS Scholarship: www.ceepus.info


Information for applicants:

Polish CEEPUS Office

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone: 22-390-35-12