The Polish Language - NAWA

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One of the NAWA goals is to promote the Polish language outside the boarders of the Republic of Poland by promoting learning Polish as a foreign language, supporting activities aimed at the professionalisation of teaching and maintaining permanent contacts with academic centres and institutions involved in teaching Polish as well as raising the prestige of the Polish language as a foreign language,which is learned by almost 10,000 people all over the world.

The Department of the Polish Language supervises the provision of the state certification examinations in Polish as a foreign language organized in more than 20 exam centres in Poland and abroad. It also provides activities supporting teaching Polish as a foreign language in foreign academic centres by sending teachers of Polish to run language courses.It facilitates people learning Polish and those who plan to start learning the language to participate in summer intensive courses on the Polish language and culture organized in Poland.The Department launches calls for proposals aimed at the improvement of proficiency in Polish and enabling foreigners and Polish youth permanently residing abroad to study in Polish in higher education institutions in Poland.It focuses on the promotion of the Polish language and culture, internationalisationof the Polish Studies, studies in political science, sociology and international relations by enabling nationals of developed countries to carry out part of their studies or academic research in the field of the Polish language, culture and history in Poland.