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One of the NAWA key tasks is to initiate and implement activities supporting the internationalisation of Polish higher education institutions and academic centres. It will be fulfilled by means of founding programmes aiming at enhancing the level of internationalisation of institutions operating within the area of higher education and science.

Institutional programmes

NAWA will provide institutions with programmes enhancing the activities of higher education institutions and academic centres in the process of their internationalisation by establishing international partnerships, undertaking initiatives in line with their long-term strategies, developing the institutional and programme potential of Polish higher education institutions and research centres, acquiring competences and providing organizational solutions facilitating the admission of foreign students and academic staff as well as by mobilizing HEIs to promote their educational and academic offer in a modern and effective manner.

Some of the institutional programmes offered by NAWA will foresee the implementation of several month long projects and some of them will be devoted to the implementation of multiannual initiatives.

For whom?

NAWA programmes are addressed to institutionsoperating withinthe area of higher education and science. We will encourage both public and non-public higher education institutions and research centres to get involved in international projects.

Non-governmental organizations and public finance entities promoting internationalisation of higher education and science in Poland would be eligible to benefit from NAWA programmes. Within the project activities we will enhance international partnerships or strengthen the existing cooperation with foreign institutions.

What can be financed?

NAWA’s offer will include programmes, within which it will be possible to cover costs related to the implementation of international partnership activities, organization of international events, mobility aiming at the exchange of experiences and increasing competences within the area of internationalisation. Some costs will be financed in a form of lump sums and unit rates, other will be financed on the basis of real costs. The amount of grants and a list of eligible activities will differ depending on a programme.

Evaluation of applications

The evaluation of applications will be performed in accordance with the provisions of the Act. All applications submitted under launched calls for proposals will be assessed for their formal and substantive aspect. Formal evaluation will be carried out by NAWA staff. The content-related assessment will have one or two stages and will be performed by external experts.