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One of the basic objectives of NAWA is initiating and supporting student mobility. This objective is to be implemented by means of founding programmes aiming at enhancing the level of internationalisation of the Polish higher education institutions, as well as enabling Polish students to gain international experience.

What programmes for students?

NAWA offers both outgoing and incoming programmes. We are currently offering scholarship programmes for foreign students as part of the development assistance (co-funded by the Foreign Ministry) and a scholarship programme for individuals of Polish origin. Polish students get the mobility opportunity being part of the Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies (CEEPUS) – the second after Erasmus+ biggest student exchange programme in Poland – and under bilateral agreements entered into with third-party countries.

Next student mobility programmes are planned to be launched over the upcoming years.

What will get our finance support?

NAWA funds will be channeled in the form of scholarships to foreign students who study in Poland or Polish students who are on their partial studies or study visits abroad. The monthly grant amount will differ depending on the programme and study level.

Evaluation of Applications

The NAWA applications will be evaluated in accordance with the provisions of the Act. All applications submitted as part of the call for proposals will be evaluated for their formal and substantive aspect. The formal evaluation will be made by the NAWA staff. The method for evaluating the content of the applications will depend on a programme and will be laid down in each programme's rules.