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1. What amount can be granted in Joint research Projects?

A: The highest amount that can be granted is 30,000 PLN.


2. Who can apply for funding in Joint research Projects?

A: In Joint research Projects, funding can be sought by entities indicated in Article 7, paragraph 1 subparagraphs 1-8 of Polish Law on Higher Education and Science indicated in each Call (full text in Polish).


3. How long should the project take?

A: Projects in Joint Research Projects last 2 years.


4. Can the funding only be spent on travel to the partner’s institution?

A: warded funding can be spent on any mobility to the partner’s country if said mobility is essential for the Project’s implementation. The rates are calculated as a lump sum, depending on the destination country. The exception is the Canaletto Call, in which the Polish Institution finances the costs of the stay of Italian researchers in Poland, and the Italian Institution finances travel expenses to Italy.


5. How do you calculate travel costs?

A: Travel costs should be calculated as a lump sum following the tables available in each Call for applications.


6. Who can be a member of the Project group?

A: Members of the Project group can be members of the current research group of the Project Coordinator, employed in their unit or other units forming the Polish system of science and higher education. Members of the research team can also be students as long as they are actively involved in conducting research covered by the Project and their participation is allowed by the partner country.


7. Is each member of the Project group obliged to conduct mobility?

A: NAWA does not require mobility to be conducted by each Project group member.


8. Who can submit an application?

A: The application can be submitted on behalf of the institution by a person holding a current power of attorney to represent the Applicant, granted by an authorized person (the rector of the university or the director of the research institute), which shall be attached to the submitted application. A template of power of attorney is available on each call’s website. A power of attorney issued based on a different template must contain at least the information included in the NAWA template.




9. What is the procedure for the evaluation of applications?

A: Applications are subject to formal assessment (by a NAWA employee) and substantive assessment (by an independent expert). Detailed information is available in the call for proposals.


10. What is the procedure for appealing against a decision?

A: After receiving information about leaving the application unprocessed or information granting or refusing support, the Applicant may request to reconsider the case of formal infringements in the process of awarding funds in the scope of assessment on the Polish side. A request for reconsideration may include objections only to formal issues in awarding funds, not to the legitimacy of the substantive evaluation carried out by the Polish side. Submission of a request for reconsideration of a case for any other reason, including the outcome of the assessment in the partner's country or the procedure followed by the partner, will result in a decision declaring the submission of a request for reconsideration inadmissible.




11. The electronic signature on the contract is invisible. Does this mean the agreement has not been signed?

A: The absence of a graphic sign does not mean that the contract has not been signed. To check the status of the agreement, download the PDF file with the contract and then use the "Signature panel" button in the top right corner of the document. On the right-hand side, the "Signatures" tab will expand, stating the details of the signatures made and their correctness.


12. When will we receive the funding?

A: The first tranche of funds of 80% of the awarded amount will be paid within 30 days after the conclusion of the agreement providing that the Agency has the appropriate resources. The second tranche of funding of up to 20% of the awarded amount will be paid upon acceptance of the Project's final report and financial clearance.


13. Can a Project extension be requested?

A: NAWA does not assume the possibility of requesting an extension of the Project period.


14. Is it possible to introduce changes to a project that has received funding?

A: Changes to the project are possible, provided that they do not affect the substantive scope of the research being carried out. To make changes, please get in touch with NAWA to obtain access to the Change Card.

Acceptance of the changes, which are described in the Card, by a NAWA employee entitles beneficiaries to introduce the requested changes.


15. Are transfers between budget items possible?

A: Budget transfers are possible between expenditures within the same expenditure category, i.e., between expenditures provided under the "travel" category and the "stay" category. Detailed guidelines are included in the contract. Any change to the budget requires NAWA approval.

In the calls announced in 2024 and later, transfers between the "travel" and "budget" categories are also possible. In these calls, budget transfers do not require NAWA approval but must remain within the limits specified in the Call.


16. If the mobility funds are not spent, can they be used for another purpose (e.g. paying for publications)?

A: No, funds allocated in Joint research Projects can only be used to pay for travel to and stay in the partner country.


17. How to submit a final report?

A: The partial and final reports must be submitted via the NAWA ICT system. In your Project's application folder, on the right side of the screen, there is an option "+New document." When clicked, you should see the option "RK joint research Projects..."/"Final report...".

Partial reports do not apply for recruitment in 2024 and later. 


18. What is the deadline for submission of the final report?

A: All deadlines applicable to beneficiaries who have concluded the contracts with NAWA can be found in the Call for Proposals.


19. When should unused funds be returned?

A: Unused funds plus interest should be returned to the NAWA bank account upon receipt of the settlement letter. The letter will be placed in the Project file in the NAWA ICT system and the beneficiary should be notified about it by e-mail.


20. What is the fastest way to get support from NAWA?

A: The email box dedicated to Joint Research Projects can be found at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.