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One of the NAWA goals is to enhance the scientific potential of Polish higher education institutions and research institutes. The basic instrument to achieve this goal is to support international mobility of scientists.


NAWA programmes will consist of both incoming and outgoing mobility. We believe, that the exchange and incoming and outgoing mobility constitute a key element for improving the quality of academic research. We would like Polish scientists to go to foreign academic centres in order to participate in research projects, collect data for their future work and be involved in the teaching process. We will also support incoming researchers, who would like to develop their academic career in Poland.

Taking into account various needs of academic and teaching staff, we will offer both short-term programmes, which will enable beneficiaries to cover the conference fees, to acquire new skills and undertake an apprenticeship as well as long-term placements with the aim of conducting research.

For Whom?

A scientist is a term without any formal definition in the Polish legislation. NAWA interprets this term in a very wide manner. Scientists mean researchers, academic and teaching staff but also doctoral students. It is very important that doctoral candidates will participate in research projects and not onlyin education-oriented programmes.This will support the youngest group of researchers.

Beneficiaries of mobility programmes will always be individuals coming to Poland or going abroad. Grant applicants will differ depending on a programme. In case of mid-term programmes (from 1 to 12 months) grant applicants will include individuals, but in case of short and long - term programmes grant applicants will include Polish host or sending entities. The list of applying institutions covers: higher education institutions, institutes of the Polish Academy of Science (PAN) and public research institutes.

What can be financed?

NAWA grants will have a form of scholarships under short and mid-term programmes and a form of employment subsidies in case of a mobility longer than 12 months. Additionally NAWA grants will cover travel costs. The amount of a monthly grant as well as other categories of eligible costs will differ depending on a programme.

Evaluation of applications

All applications submitted under announced calls for proposals will be assessed for their formal and substantive aspect.  Formal assessment will be carried out by NAWA staff. The content-related assessment will have one or two stages and will be performed by external experts.