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Purpose of the Programme

The objective of the Programme is to promote international mobility of doctoral students by enabling them to acquire scientific experience in foreign research and academic centres, establish international scientific cooperation and implement a part of their doctoral degree programme in foreign units.

Eligible applicants

Applicants in the programme may be natural persons who are either:

  • Doctoral students,
  • Persons employed in Polish universities or other HEIs who have the conferment procedure for a doctoral degree formally open
  • Persons who are in the “Industrial PhD” programme.

Actions implemented under the Programme:

The Programme allows visits whose aim is to:

1) Implement a part of a doctoral degree programme;

2) Implement a part of the “Industrial PhD” programme, in accordance with the rules announced by the Minister of Science and Higher Education;

3) Conduct scientific research related to preparing a doctoral thesis;

4) Obtain materials for the doctoral thesis or scientific publication;

5) Conduct teaching activities at the host centre as a complement to the above objectives;

6) Other forms of scientific or academic activity related to preparing the doctoral thesis as a complement to the above aims.

In the application, the Applicant submits a project covering one or more of the above-mentioned activities that (s)he intends to implement at a foreign host centre, indicating its goals, relevance to the development of their academic career and justifying the host's choice for planned activities. The applicant also encloses an invitation from the host centre, confirming the will to cooperate and accepting NAWA scholarship fellow for the requested period.

The Programme is open to candidates representing all fields of science. There are also no restrictions on the countries where host centres are located.

One Applicant may submit only one application for financing in a given call within the Programme, covering a trip to one host centre. 


Call for applications

Applications must be submitted from 9 October to 18 December 2018, by 3.00 p.m. Central European time, only in electronic form in the NAWA IT system.

For further questions/details, please contact:

Department of Programmes for Scientists

Mr Piotr Serafin

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

phone: +48 22 390 35 46