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The state certification examinations in Polish as a foreign language aim to define a candidate’s proficiency in the language regardless of the institution where she/he studied Polish as a foreign language, and the curriculum, educational materials and methods applied during the learning process. First state certificate examinations in Polish as a foreign language were administered in Poland and internationally in 2004. Since that time 267 of examination sessions were organized, 11 697 examinees took the exam on B1, B2, C1 and C2 levels.

All foreigners and Polish citizens permanently residing abroad may take the examination regardless if, where, how and how long they have prepared for the examination.

Proficiency in Polish is defined as the ability to understand modern written and spoken Polish and use Polish speaking and writing skills.

The following language competences are tested during the exam:

- listening comprehension,

- accuracy/grammar in use,

- reading comprehension,

- writing,

- speaking.

The certification examinations are conducted on three levels of language proficiency:

- Basic user;

- Independent user;

- Proficient user.

For more information on the certificate in Polish as a foreign language go to: www.certyfikatpolski.pl

The certification system operates in accordance with the rules and procedures stipulated in the following legal acts:

pdfAmended Act on the Polish Language

pdfRegulation on the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language of 11 December 2015


pdfRegulation on the provision of the state certificate examinations in Polish as a foreign languagestipulating also the rules of issuing certificates in case of exam exemptions for graduates of Polish lower and  upper - secondary schools as well as higher education institutions


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