Promotion of the Polish language - NAWA

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The aim of the Programme is to promote the Polish language related to elements of Polish history and culture by financing undertakings contributing to improving the quality of teaching Polish as a foreign language and its prestige, thus exerting a lasting impact on the image of Poland in the world.

Financing under the Programme will cover projects, activities and initiatives carried out in Poland or abroad which aim at promoting Polish as a foreign language and improving the quality of teaching Polish, as well as projects, activities and initiatives addressed to a broader target group.

The proposed activities should be creative and should highly correspond with the needs of the target group. Activities which the Applicant did not implement previously to the extent or on the scale proposed in the application shall be preferred. Activities implemented abroad are recommended.

Even though the Project may be implemented by a single institution, projects carried out under an international partnership are preferred; in such a case, the applying institution – the Applicant – shall be responsible for concluding the agreement with NAWA, carrying out relevant activities, submitting a report within the specified deadline and settling the funds. Foreign HEIs or scientific institutions may act as Partners under the project.

The implemented activities may last from 3 to 12 months.

Only Polish HEIs and scientific institutions which promote Polish language on an academic level may apply for the participation in the Programme.

The call for applications under the Promotion of the Polish language Programme shall be conducted from 28 April 2023 until 31 July 2023.