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NAWA functions as the Polish ENIC-NARIC centre.

ENIC centres (European Network of National Information Centres) are entities established in countries which are parties to the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC). They support international recognition of education qualifications and exchange of reliable information on education systems. NARIC centres (National Academic Recognition Information Centres) form a cooperation network with similar functions in the countries of the European Union.

More information on the role and history of the ENIC-NARIC network is available here.

NAWA’s Department for Academic Recognition - as the Polish ENIC-NARIC centre - issues information on foreign diplomas in individual cases. The centre also provides expert advice on design of systemic solutions in the field of recognition of qualifications.

NAWA organizes conferences, training events and webinars to disseminate knowledge on the principles of recognition, especially among the staff of higher education institutions engaged in students admission and researchers recruitment.

As an ENIC-NARIC centre, NAWA actively participates in international projects. Such initiatives help decide on the directions of development for the network and create guidelines for recognition of higher education credentials, academic degrees and academic titles. Projects also inspire new tools useful for assessment of foreign education qualifications and provide a unique platform for recognition experts to exchange experiences and good practices.

Detailed information on the projects which NAWA is involved in is available at project coordinators’ websites: