International Alumni - NAWA

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The main goal of the programme was to develop foreign alumni networks and engage international alumni in promotion activities, mentoring or educational process. The programme was designed for institutions and not for individual applicants.

Eligible activities included e.g.:

  • designing a system of cooperation with foreign alumni
  • online services and IT tools (including alumni databases, apps for alumni, webpages),
  • promotion campaigns,
  • information materials,
  • international alumni meetings and conferences,
  • involving alumni in foreign fairs, mentoring, webinars etc.

On 14th of December 2018 the call for proposals was closed. First projects were launched in May 2019. The length of the project was between 6 and 18 months. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the programme was prolonged till 30th of April 2021.

The most popular activities in funded projects were (one project could include multiple activities):

  • online services and IT tools
  • designing a system of cooperation with foreign alumni
  • educational and mentoring activities in cooperation with foreign alumni, including engaging alumni in promotion and information activities.

Based on the lessons learned, since 2019 the activities related to international alumni were included in the Foreign Promotion programme, and finally in the Welcome to Poland programme run by NAWA. Since then, Polish higher education and scientific institutions can include activities relevant for international alumni networks in NAWA projects aiming at developing their potential in the field of internationalisation.