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The National Academic Exchange Agency and the U.S. National Science Foundation announce a new support programme for Ukrainian researchers: IMPRESS-U.

Thanks to the IMPRESS-U initiative, it will once again be possible to support scientific and technical projects that integrate Ukrainian scientists into the international research community. NAWA will fund International Supplements projects, which involve expanding existing U.S. NSF-funded research endeavours with new components and partnerships: with researchers from Ukraine and Poland.

IMPRESS-U (International Multilateral Partnerships for Resilient Education and Science System in Ukraine) is the result of an international agreement between grant organisations from six countries: USA (U.S.NSF and NASEM), Poland (NAWA and NCN), Ukraine (NRFU), Estonia (ETAG), Latvia (LCS) and Lithuania (RCL). The IMPRESS-U programme will support research in any field of science, engineering, education and innovation. The partnership is open to proposals for joint ventures submitted to the U.S.NSF by U.S. scientists in collaboration with scientists from Ukraine and researchers from at least one partner country. Particularly sought will be projects that increase efficiencies in international partnerships, support scientific staff, and contribute to building a modern research, education and innovation ecosystem in Ukraine.

The collaboration and partnership with the National Science Foundation, an agency that has funded the research of 260 Nobel Prize winners for more than 70 years, is a great honour for us, explains dr Dawid Kostecki, Director General at NAWA. We are pleased that just now, when Ukraine is in such dire need of international support, it has been possible to finalize the efforts to launch the IMPRESS-U programme. We believe that thanks to this initiative and the involvement of Poland, with which Ukraine has been liaising constantly, after all, it will be possible to integrate Ukrainian scientists into the international research community. We want Poland, along with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, to act as liaisons between the United States and Ukraine, adds Director General at NAWA.

NAWA will provide support to Polish researchers who will join existing scientific consortia currently carrying out a project funded by the U.S.NSF. A total of PLN 7 million will be allocated to expand existing projects to include international collaboration under the International Supplements section, for which the Agency has received additional funding from the Ministry of Education and Science.

Application process:

International Supplements: project coordinator from USA submits an application to NSF. Polish institution, which will be a part of the team submits an application to NAWA. This applications should be submitted in 7 days from submitting the application

To join a new project in EAGER programme Polish scientific team submits an application to Narodowe Centrum Nauki, attaching the joint applications sumbited before to NSF.

The stages of the application process are explained on the infographics below.

ENG Impress U Final Infografika 1ENG Impress U Final Infografika 1

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