NAWA became a partner in the Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Generation Study Abroad programme - NAWA

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We are pleased to inform that NAWA became a partner in the Generation Study Abroad programme carried out by the Institute of International Education in the United States. Through gaining the status of a Country Partner, NAWA's activities will contribute to increasing the number of American students at Polish universities, as well as strengthen the promotion of the Polish higher education offer in the US. By representing Poland in the Generation Study Abroad, NAWA was placed among more than 20 prestigious institutions around the world, including DAAD, Education New Zealand, Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU), Swedish Institute or the British Council.

Institute of International Education is the global leader in the field of international exchange of people and ideas. Having operated since 1919, the organisation has 19 offices and branches throughout the world along with over 1200 member institutions. The IIE designs and implements study and training programmes for students, teachers, young professionals. It is also involved in research on internationalisation and acts as an advisory body on international education.

The IIE’s Generation Study Abroad project aims to increase the number of American students who enroll to study abroad through means such as participating in international exchange programmes. More information is available on the website: Furthermore, in December NAWA joined the Atlas project, another initiative of the Institute of International Educators.