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The Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) accompanied by 19 higher education institutions went on an education mission to Georgia as part of the campaign Ready, Study, Go! Poland. The delegation amounting to almost 30 people attended the International Education Fair 2020 as well as several additional meetings.

NAWA’s delegation launched its education mission as early as on 26 February. We met with the pupils of the last grade of the French School of Caucasus. We talked to them about NAWA’s offer, the purposes of the campaign Ready, Study, Go! Poland, the Polish system of schooling and higher education as well as interesting facts about our country. On the same day, we took part in talks at Ilia State University, while the higher education institutions held their own individual meetings.

On the following day, together with the HEI representatives, we went to Gori State Teaching University. The visit consisted of several elements. First, we presented NAWA’s offer. Then, the members of the delegation talked about their institutions. Following the presentations, each attendee had the opportunity to talk directly to the HEI representatives in the course of a small education fair dedicated solely to Polish universities. The visit to Gori concluded with a meeting with the rector of Gori State Teaching University, Prof. Giorgi Sosiashvili. It was a perfect opportunity for each of the parties to present its cooperation capabilities. We hope that the meeting will be the beginning of cooperation between Polish higher education institutions and Gori University.

On the same day, the Polish delegation met with alumni of Polish universities. The meeting was held at the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi. It was inaugurated by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to Georgia, Mariusz Maszkiewicz. The meeting was attended by almost 20 alumni of Polish HEIs, who shared their fond memories of the time spent in Poland. During the event, NAWA handed over to the Polish Institute books written in Polish as well as books for studying Polish, a large number of which had been collected by the members of the Polish delegation.

Then, a two-day education fair was held at Expo Georgia from 28 to 29 February. The International Education Fair Georgia 2020 was inaugurated by its director, Resan Kikava, and Georgia’s deputy minister for education, culture and sport, Nunu Mitskevich. The official opening featured a speech by Polish Ambassador to Georgia Mariusz Maszkiewicz. After the ceremony, the ambassador visited and opened the stand promoting the campaign Ready, Study, Go! Poland, which was one of the largest stands at Expo Georgia and boasted the most numerous delegation from HEIs.

In addition, NAWA’s cooperation with Georgia was distinguished with a special award: ‘The most successful cooperation.’

It was not the first time that a delegation from Poland attended the education fair in Tbilisi. Once again, our visit to Georgia demonstrated how much the young people there are interested in Poland and in studying in our country.

NAWA’s education mission to Georgia was supported by the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi and the Polish Institute as well as Polish language teachers in Georgia.

This year was the first time when NAWA’s delegation included a special member. Nina Lordkipanidze – a Georgian student at the University of Warsaw, a scholarship holder under Gen. Anders Programme for first-degree studies as well as Poland’s Digital Ambassador* – talked about her experience in Poland, about studying in Poland and about the process of applying for a scholarship for first-degree studies under Gen. Anders Programme during the presentations at the French School of Caucasus and at Gori State Teaching University. Her presence in Gori demonstrated perfectly the real effects of our activities.

The mission was attended by the following higher education institutions:

AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow

WSB University

‘Perspektywy’ Education Foundation

Pope John Paul II State School of Higher Education in Biała Podlaska

Gdańsk University of Technology

Lodz University of Technology

Cracow University of Technology

Opole University of Technology

Silesian University of Technology

Study in Wrocław (Wroclaw Agglomeration Development Agency)

Cracow University of Economics

Lazarski University

Jagiellonian University

University of Opole

University of Warsaw, Caucasus Bureau of the Centre for East European Studies in Tbilisi

WSB University in Gdańsk

University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin

University of Economy in Bydgoszcz

University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin

 *Digital Ambassadors are NAWA’s new project carried out as part of the campaign Ready, Study, Go! Poland 


Please see the photos from the event 

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Meeting with the pupils at the French School of Caucasus


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Presentation at Gori State Teaching University


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A small education fair at Gori State Teaching University dedicated to Polish HEIs


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Meeting of the Polish delegation with the rector of Gori State Teaching University, Prof. Giorgi Sosiashvili


spotkanie w Ambasadzie

Meeting of the Polish delegation with the Polish ambassador to Georgia in Tbilisi, Mariusz Maszkiewicz, and alumni of Polish HEIs. The event was held at the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi


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Official inauguration of the International Education Fair Georgia 2020


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Polish delegation joined at its stand by the Polish ambassador to Georgia


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The stand of the Polish delegation


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The stand of the Polish delegation


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Award for NAWA for ‘The most successful cooperation’