New NAWA Programme to support joint second-cycle studies – KATAMARAN announced - NAWA

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NAWA launched the call for applications under another Programme addressed to institutions – KATAMARAN: Establishing and conducting joint second-cycle studies. The last decade brought about the evolution of the concept of international mobility, which facilitates the emergence of new forms of exchange not only in the European Union, but also at higher education institutions (HEIs) on other continents. From the point of view of the transfer of knowledge and international cooperation, a joint diploma received from several institutions constitutes one of the most interesting educational formats. Under this project, institutions will be able to secure financing for international cooperation with a partner, leading to an increased number of joint second-cycle studies curricula, improved students and academic staff mobility, and better quality of education owing to the transfer of international experiences to Polish HEIs. 

The main aim of the Programme is to support Polish higher education institutions in the scope of creating and implementing international curricula on joint second-cycle studies leading to obtaining a joint or double diploma.

Who is the Programme addressed to?

Applications for participation in the Programme may be filed by public and private HEIs which hold the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education and fulfil the criteria under one of the two paths: 

  • path A — Establishing curricula of joint international second-cycle studies and opening enrolment for studies;
  • path B — Supporting academic mobility under joint international second-cycle studies.

The project has to be implemented in partnership with one foreign HEI providing education services corresponding to the 7th level of the European Qualifications Framework. The profile and potential of the foreign HEI has to supplement the profile and potential of the Polish HEI. The choice of the Partner under the project has to supplement the Applicant’s potential (didactic, organisational, technical and personnel-related).