Polish language and culture summer courses – recap of 2019 edition - NAWA

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Lots of people decided to take a break from school or work in the holiday season. But not them – 696 foreign university students who decided to spend a few weeks in Poland to take part in intensive Polish language and culture courses.

They came from all over the world. We hosted students from Europe as well as from China, the United States, Guatemala, Japan, Taiwan and Israel. The largest group consisted of the citizens of Ukraine, China and Russia. Also our neighbours were interested in getting to know our language and culture better. We hosted the representation of all bordering countries of Poland.

The promotion of the Polish language and culture is one of the main goals of NAWA. Summer courses are one of the ways to achieve this goal. The courses offer about 20 hours of classes a week. The participants learn Polish during the classes, but also use it afterwards, for example while meeting the Poles. Additionally, they visit various Polish cities and integrate with other international participants of the course.

The participants were accompanied by our camera during their stay in Poland. As a result, you can see what the classes which they took part in looked like and listen to their motivations for choosing summer courses in Poland. You are welcome to watch the video material: NAWA Polish language courses.