Time for GDPR - NAWA

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From 25 May this year, we will apply the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Poland. GDPR is an EU law introducing new rules of personal data protection, which will replace the existing Polish law on the protection of personal data.The new regulations contain many new solutions that increase the security of personal data, among them the obligation to report data leaks.They also introduce several rights for all natural persons, increasing their control over personal data.

Personal data protection has always been important for our Agency – it constitutes an element of our credibility and builds our clients’ trust. We are ready for GDPR – from 25 May 2018 NAWA will abide by the rules set up in the GDPR. We have implemented in the Agency all the necessary elements that will increase the safety of your personal data by:

  • taking care of data processing,
  • introducing necessary procedures ensuring the possibility of exercising the rights of persons whose data we process - including the right of access or the right to rectify data,
  • designating a personal data officer whom you can contact in all matters relating to the protection of personal data.

Contact details of the Data Protection Officer: Adam Klimowski, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

One of the new obligations of all entities that use data is the obligation to inform people about the processing of personal data in a different way than before. Information on the use of personal data should be provided in a transparent, concise and understandable way. For this purpose, we prepared for you new informational material concerning personal data processing. We are not increasing the scope of our rights, nor are we changing the terms of providing our services. 

The material is available in the National Academic Exchange Agency Office at ul. Polna 40 in Warsaw and on our website - please click here.

We encourage you to review the information.


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