Call for applications to the 2019 PROM Programme has now commenced - NAWA

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NAWA once again invites HEIs to submit applications to the PROM Programme. Raising the competence level of doctoral students and academic staff from Poland and abroad is one of the main goals of the Programme, fully titled International Scholarship Exchange of PhD Candidates and Academic Staff PROM. The project, which is implemented as part of the Operational Programme Knowledge Education Development, co-financed by the European Social Fund, is based on the assumption of an international scholarship exchange providing the possibility of, among others, conducting didactic classes, participating in conferences, summer/winter schools, courses, workshops, fellowships or study visits. Scholarship holders will also be entitled to allocate funds for stay related to obtaining materials for didactic or scientific work, learning to operate unique research equipment or improving skills related to the preparation of international grant applications.

The Programme is mainly addressed to doctoral students: they must constitute at least 80% of participants in each project. The projects may also involve representatives of academic staff – persons who are academic teachers or employees of the Applicant, conducting education of doctoral students. However, they cannot account for more than 20% of all participants.

Who is the Programme addressed to?

Applications for financing under the Programme may be filed by the following entities:

  • HEIs,
  • scientific institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • research institutes,
  • international scientific institutes established on the basis of separate provisions, operating on the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • entities which have met obligations towards NAWA following from agreements signed under other programmes and are experienced in conducting international exchanges or short term forms of education. 

Regulations, detailed information and documents are available here.

Submit an application to the Programme.