Consultations - NAWA

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At the beginning 30 in-depth interviews were conducted with academic and administrative staff of higher education institutions, which constituted the bases for the first programme proposals. Within next few months two internet surveys were conducted – one addressed to foreign students studying in Polish HEIs (with almost 3,000 respondents) and the second one was addressed to the deans and directors of institutes of the Polish Academy of Science (PAN) as well as public research institutions (more than 200 returned questionnaires). The Ministry of Science and Higher Education organized two consultation meetings devoted to the detailed debate on NAWA programme proposals.15 representatives of the academic and research communities participated in the first seminar. Representatives of sister organizations (The National Centre for Research and Development, National Science Centre, Foundation for Polish Science, National Contact Point for Research Programmes of the European Union) operating in the field of promotion of Polish science and higher education took part in the second meeting. The conducted consultations helped us to know the demands and needs of Polish academic communities and put our programmes accordingly. The NAWA system of consultations will be constantly improved and their regular conduct will constitute one of the Agency’s principle of operation.