Graduation Ceremony at SWPS University as Part of the International Alumni Programme - NAWA

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SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities organised a ceremony for the 2018/2019 graduates of the Faculty of Psychology and the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, which was held on 10 July 2019 in Warsaw. The event was co-funded by NAWA as part of the project Cooperation with foreign graduates and building their sense of affiliation with the community of SWPS University, which is carried out under the International Alumni Programme.

The ceremony was attended by lecturers and university authorities as well as families and friends of the alumni. The best students of each subject held speeches. Each graduate received from their university a congratulatory letter and a gift. In addition, the ceremony featured a performance by SWPS University Choir. There were speeches and congratulations – all in a most cordial and moving atmosphere. During the second part of the event, featuring commemorative photos and snacks, the participants enjoyed lovely moments among their university friends.

Graduation in Poland opens a new stage in the young people’s lives. Some of them will return to their countries; others will continue their studies and career in an international environment. Others still will stay in Poland and look for new professional challenges and development opportunities here. One thing is fairly certain: all of them will keep positive memories of their period of studies in Poland and act as ambassadors of our country and university in their communities.