In Warsaw, we talked with foreign experts about recognition of education - NAWA

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On 7 December, the Direct to Recognition meeting was held, addressed to the representatives of universities and the scientific units responsible for the recognition of education area. The participants had an opportunity to talk with foreign experts on the verification of diplomas and certificates and on documents which are not recognised. It was also an opportunity to become familiar with amendments to the legislation on recognition of foreign education.

The meeting enjoyed considerable interest among our audience. We hosted in Warsaw nearly 150 people responsible for recruiting foreign students, who were welcomed by Dr Zofia Sawicka, Deputy Director of NAWA. The participants had an opportunity to take a discussion in three panels: foreign education systems, verification of educational documents and documents not subject to recognition, and amendment to the legislation on recognition of foreign education. Thanks to this choice of subjects, the training course was comprehensive and improved knowledge both with legal aspects necessary for Polish universities in the process of recruiting candidates with foreign documents, as well as with a broader perspective on the mobility aspect in recruitment.

During the event, Jo Creter from UK NARIC and Melanie Gottlieb from the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers presented the secondary education systems of Great Britain and the United States, which are a source of most common doubts in the foreign recruitment processes carried out by Polish universities. With Letizia Brambilla Pisoni, representing Centro Informazioni Mobilità Equivalenze Accademiche (CIMEA), the participants could talk about the verification of education documents and documents not subject to recognition. The presentations of foreign visitors were an excellent moment to complement the information, as evidenced by a large number of questions asked by the seminar participants. The most commonly raised issues applied to the Polish legislation on recognition of foreign education.

If you would like to get more detailed information about the event, please feel free to contact the Department for Recognition of Education and Authentication of Documents.


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