Information concerning the activities undertaken by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange regarding COVID-19 - NAWA

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In connection with the spreading SARS-CoV-2 virus and the suspension of didactic classes at universities by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, as the institution supervised by the Ministry, informs as follows:

  1. Scholarship programmes:

The gen. Anders Programme;

The Lukasiewicz Scholarship Programme;

The Banach Scholarship Programme;

POLONISTA - Programme for students of Polish Studies;

Poland My First Choice Programme;

Exchange programme as part of bilateral cooperation.

stipends are paid according to the current regulations.

  1. In relation to the scholarship holders in programmes for scientists:

The Bekker Programme;

The Walczak Programme;

The Ulam Programme;

The Iwanowska Programme;

Exchange programme for students and scientists as part of bilateral cooperation.

It is possible to change the date of departure or arrival after agreeing with the host center. In this case, NAWA asks you to submit an application with a proposal to change the date accompanied by the acceptance of the host center. It is not possible to increase the amount of scholarship awarded.

         3. In case changes in institutional projects are needed:

PROM – International scholarship exchange of PhDPROM – International scholarship exchange of PhDcandidates and academic staff; 

International Academic Partnerships;

Welcome to Poland Programme;

Foreign Promotion Programme;

International  Alumni;

STER – Doctoral scholarships for foreigners;

KATAMARAN – Establishing and conducting joint second-cycle studies;

CEEPUS Programme – Central European Exchange Programme for University Studies;

Promotion of the Polish language.

Regarding the deadline for the implementation of the actions or planned results to be achieved, please contact the program supervisors.

  • In the event of incurring costs in institutional programmes, NAWA asks you to contact the program supervisors to determine the existence of a "force majeure" condition specified in the contracts concluded with NAWA. In these situations, please provide detailed justification for cancellation of departures and arrivals and documented attempts to recover incurred costs.
  • From March 16, 2020 to March 31, 2020 NAWA Reception will be closed. Therefore, you will not be able to submit or receive documents personally. Documents can be sent to NAWA by post or courier.
  • The certified documents will be sent by registered letter to the person and correspondence address, indicated in the application form, by registered mail with confirmation of receipt.