NAWA aims to prove that it is possible to build a successful academic career in Poland - NAWA

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The National Agency for Academic Exchange (Narodowa Agencja Wymiany Akademickiej- NAWA), which has just launched its operations, rises toa major challenge.Its objective is to reversean unwelcome trend observed for the past 12 years, which is the drain of excellent researchers from Polish universities.

The return of Polish scientists to their homeland as well as experiences and knowledge that they acquired abroad are invaluable for the future development of science and fostering academic excellence. NAWA will spare no effort to attract the most talented ones to Poland.

Itwill mobilize both researchers, students and authorities of higher education institutions and academic centres to address the challenge of internationalisation. We understand that financial incentives alone may not be enough. Thus the Agency will be provided with a wide arrayof instruments ranging from mobility programmes promoting the return to the country, through projects supporting higher education institutions in improving the quality of their educational offer, to informational and promotional activities focusing on science and the system of higher education in Poland.NAWA will support both individual students and scientists, as well as higher education institutions and academic centres.

I have great satisfaction that an institution, which will intensify academic exchange, unlock the potential of our higher education institutions and academic centresand promote Poland as a country of great educational and scientific opportunities has been established. I am convinced that NAWA will provide a strong impetusfor the development of individuals, of our country, and of Polish science.


Jarosław Gowin - Minister of Science and Higher Education, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland