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How to manage internationalization in the higher education sector in Central and Eastern Europe? How to introduce changes contributing to the development of universities by undertaking activities in the field of inter-regional and regional cooperation? These and other questions will be answered by panellists and participants of the third Leadership Forum in Higher Education, which will take place on June 12-15 in Warsaw. This year's initiative, organised by Justyna Gieżyńska, president of the Luminar Foundation and director of Studybility, will focus on the issue of Internationalization at home. Polish universities have been active in the field of mobility for a long time, supporting classical internationalization in higher education. However, with the development of interest in the subject of internationalization, introducing changes to improve the quality of the curriculum or to extend the competences of teaching and administrative staff is becoming more and more important. In the era of key issues such as Global Citizenship and global talents competition, the search for and modelling of solutions conducive to the internationalization of education both outside and inside the university is a response to the needs of students and the condition for the development of the university.

The four-day event provides an opportunity to participate in the seminar, forum and two days of workshops. Panellists and guests of the Leadership Forum in Higher Education are experienced employees of the sector of higher education from abroad, among others: Jeanine Gregersen-Hermans, deputy vice-chancellor for internationalization at Glasgow Caledonian University or Sander Schroevers from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. They will share with the participants their practical knowledge related to many years working and in companies related to the internationalization of higher education.

NAWA is an official patron of the Leadership Forum in Higher Education. We invite you to participate!

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