NAWA Council appointed - NAWA

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The inaugural meeting of the NAWA Council with the participation of Jarosław Gowin, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Science and Higher Education and Aleksander Bobko, Deputy Minister of Science was held in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The Council’s tasks shall include the following: formulating proposals for the direction of the Agency’s operation and development, including in a multiannual perspective, and putting them forward to the Director, expressing opinions about draft annual action plans for the Agency, putting forward amendments to these plans as well as the draft annual financing plan, expressing opinions about an annual report on the Agency’s operations as well as the Agency’s annual financial statements, and periodically assessing progress in implementing the Agency’s action plans.

The Council is composed of the representatives of the Prime Minister, the minister competent for tertiary education, the minister competent for science, the minister competent for foreign affairs, the minister competent for public finance, the minister competent for economy, the Conference of Rectors of Academic Schools in Poland, the National Representation of Doctoral Candidates, the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland as well as the Main Council for Science and Tertiary Education (Rada Główna Nauki I Szkolnictwa Wyższego). After the inauguration of the Council, the first Council’s meeting took place. The mission, goals, as well as planned activities, were presented and discussed.

Members of the NAWA Council are:

Dr hab. Sebastian Kołodziejczyk (Chairman)
Dr hab. Katarzyna Starowicz-Bubak
Rafał Siemianowski
Prof. dr hab. Marek Konarzewski
Prof. Teresa Czerwińska
Łukasz Porażyński
Prof. Wiesław Banyś
Ewelina Pabjańczyk-Wlazło
Adrianna Czarnecka
Prof. dr hab. Lucjan Pawłowski