NAWA opens recruitment for the International Academic Partnerships Programme - NAWA

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NAWA opened a call for proposals for the next programme addressed to teaching, research and scientific institutions - International Academic Partnerships. As part of the project, entities will be able to obtain funding for international institutional cooperation initiatives in the field of research, implementation activities or education. What is important, is that at least 3 foreign universities or scientific units must be a partner in the project submitted by the applicants which has the task of realistically influencing the internationalization of Polish scientific and didactic centres. An invitation to implement the initiative may also be granted to entities from outside of the higher education and research sector - for the institutions from the social environment of the university, the role of supporting partners in the project is envisaged.

The objective of the Programme is to develop durable solutions in the area of scientific, implementation and teaching cooperation carried out by the involved parties. The results of the project are to be the basis for a development of a long-lasting cooperation with units that the Partnership is being built with, and therefore the projects must be part of the long-term policy of the applicants’ development.

Who is the programme directed to?

Applications for financing under the Programme may include entities that: 

  1. Belong to one of the categories listed below:
  • universities,
  • scientific units of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
  • research institutes,
  • international scientific institutes established on the basis of separate provisions, operating on the territory of the Republic of Poland,
  • other organizational units with a scientific category.
  1. During the last three reporting years, they carried out three projects covering the implementation of internationalization measures referred to in the Regulations.
  2. Fulfilled their obligations towards NAWA resulting form contracts signed in other programmes.

At least 3 universities or scientific units located or registered abroad which are not financed from Polish budgetary funds and which signed a letter of intent with an Applicant must be partners in a project. A supporting partner can be a university, a scientific unit, an institution from the social environment of a university, i.e. a non-governmental organization, a public administration unit or an institution from the private sector.

More details about the Programme can be found here.

Applications can be sumbited only via