Warsaw School of Economics hosts representatives from the University of Technology Sydney as part of the PROM Programme - NAWA

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In June, Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) hosted a meeting of PhD candidates and academic staff from the University of Technology Sydney. The Australian partners came to Poland in the course of a project carried out by SGH and financed by the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA under the PROM Programme. The meeting was held at the Australian Embassy in Warsaw at the invitation of Ambassador Paul Wojciechowski and Senior Trade Commissioner for Central Europe, Russia & CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), Anthony Weymouth.

It was attended by representatives of SGH, including among others vice rector for research and management, prof. Piotr Wachowiak, and representatives of the Australian partners – PhD candidates and academic staff, who attended classes in scientific research methods at SGH. The doctoral students carry out studies in computer modelling, environmental protection, social media and communication and human resource management.

As part of its PROM project, Warsaw School of Economics planned mobility for the following purposes:

- participation in workshops, courses, trainings and study visits,

- in addition, participation in conferences, summer schools and visits for the purpose of obtaining material for PhD theses/scientific papers.

Fifty-four persons will participate in SGH’s project in total,  with 24 participants visiting Poland and 30 travelling abroad.

The project involves deepening cooperation between Warsaw School of Economics and the University of Technology Sydney, one of Australia’s best and largest universities. The UTS is renown for its innovative teaching model, high standard of research and extensive cooperation with business. The project’s plans focus on cooperation with the School of Systems, Management and Leadership at the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology. The cooperation entails a bilateral exchange of doctoral students and academic staff.

Thanks to the Programme, academic teachers at Warsaw School of Economics will have the opportunity to refine their skills in advising students and PhD candidates by attending the Consortium of PhD Candidates as advisers and mentors. The objective of cooperation between SGH and the UTC is to extend and deepen cooperation between the scholars at the two universities, which is supposed to result in the development of their research skills, and further on – joint research projects. The project involves visits to summer schools at the University of Ljubljana and the European University Institute in Florence on account of their high standard of education at the doctoral level as well as the wide spectrum of subjects on offer.


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