We already have the winners of the second edition of the contest for NAWA’s Digital Ambassadors! - NAWA

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After the great success of the first edition of the contest, this year’s edition counted more than 100 applications of foreign students/alumni, who are currently in Poland or have lived here.

The jury has selected 32 candidates from 29 countries, who will represent Polish culture and students life in Poland from the perspective of a different culture. Their creativity, enthusiasm, love to Poland and pro-activeness will help us to convince more students, that Poland is a great place for studying.

On Monday we published the results of the contest (https://nawa.gov.pl/bip/nabory-do-programow/ogloszenia-wynikow-naborow). Please meet our Ambassadors representing the following countries:

Armenia - Diana Avagyan          

Belarus - Anastasiya Ulanovich, Julia Zinkova

Bosnia and Herzegowina - Valerija Blagojević    

Bulgaria - Maria Dosheva          

Chile - Lucia Moreno    

China - Zhu Xiyue          

Colombia - Ginneth Patricia Millan Ramírez       

Egypt - Mohammed Eleyan       

Georgia - Nino Lortkiphanidze  

Greece - Ioannis Plaketas          

India - Bhavikkumar Patel          

Indonesia - Jeffrey Hanafie        

Italy - Giuseppe Adamo

Jordan - Talat Alhaddadein       

Kazakhstan - Dina Malgazhdarova         

Kyrgyzstan - Altynai Andasheva

Laos - Viengkham Phommachak             

Lithuania - Marta Faustyna Chmielevska

Macedonia - Renata Penchova

Mexico - Gloria Esmeralda Valtierra Magos       

Mongolia -  Bayarkhishig Khadbaatar    

Morocco - Fatima Zahra Hirbane            

Nigeria - Grace Awhobiwom Abu-undiyaundeye, Solomon Kunle Omogbemi     

Peru - Luis Ernesto Santillan Gutierrez  

Philippines - Angelica Anicas     

Tanzania - Eileen Mwalongo

Ukraine - Stanislav Aprilashvili, Alina Kotrubenko

United Kingdom - Sam Welham

United States - Shamiram Benjamin        


Shortly we will meet their stories. Don't forget to check here: www.study.gov.pl 


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