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The recent 10 years of higher education in Poland mark the most significant increase in the number of foreigners undertaking studies and employment at universities. This phenomenon not only rejoices the academic circles but also raises considerable challenges for them. The role of universities in the process of cultural adaptation and integration of foreigners is undisputed, for whom contact with representatives of the teaching, scientific and administrative staff is usually the first contact with culture and the country they are about to discover. In order to meet the expectations, NAWA announces a call for proposals for the Welcome to Poland Programme which will give a possibility of financing projects raising the competences of employees related to foreign students or also developing activities aimed at the internationalization of the notion “at home”.

Who is the programme directed to?

The following units may apply for financing in the Programme:

  •  universities with an Erasmus Card for Higher Education,
  •  scientific units of the Polish Academy of Sciences,
  •  research institutes,
  • international scientific institutes established on the basis of separate provisions, operating on the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Additionally, applicants must fulfil their obligations to NAWA resulting from agreements signed in other programmes and have completed projects covering the implementation of internationalization measures referred to in the Regulations during the last three reporting years.

The project is to be implemented in a partnership form with a Polish or foreign institution. Partners in the project, apart from universities and scientific units, may be non-governmental organizations, public administration units or private sector.

More details about the Programme can be found here.

Applications can be sumbited only via https://programs.nawa.gov.pl/login.