Berlin edition of the Science: Polish Perspective conference - NAWA

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Science: Polish Perspectives conference dedicated to Polish scientists working abroad has been held on a regular basis since 2012. So far, it has been held in Oxford and Cambridge, and since that year the Berlin edition of the event has also been initiated. On 12 and 13 October, the campus of the Technical University of Berlin will be the meeting space of the Polish scientific diaspora. NAWA is a strategic partner of both this year’s conferences in Berlin and Oxford (16-17 November).

The native scientists working outside of Poland show their increasing interest in strengthening the networking community bringing together the Polish academic world abroad. The Polonium Foundation, the organiser of the event, was established in 2016 by a group of young Polish scientists working and studying in the UK, and the idea itself was born during one of the Science conference: Polish Perspectives conferences.

The participants in the SPP in Berlin will have an opportunity to listen to many interesting lectures presented by a group of young scientists and to take part in workshops. One of the addresses opening the conferences will be given by Dr Zofia Sawicka, Deputy Director of NAWA. During a presentation entitled What are the latest News in Internationalisation of Polish science and higher education? Dr Sawicka will talk about, inter alia, the NAWA programmes and the role of the Agency in internationalisation of science in Poland. In the afternoon, our representatives – Agnieszka Stefaniak-Hrycko and Paweł Kurzyński from the Department of Programmes for Scientists and Piotr Kępski from the Department of Programmes for Institutions – will conduct the workshop Grants you are invited to! Workshop on the NAWA grants application process, during which together with the participants they will delve into the nuances and the most difficult stages of submitting applications for grants and will tell them what applications have the best chance to succeed. During the whole event, NAWA will be represented at a promotional stand, where our employees will provide information to interested doctoral students and scientists.

We invite you to the website of the conference and to follow the event in social media.