Constitution for Science adopted by the government - NAWA

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It took two years to draft the Constitution for Science project – a flagship project and a breakthrough for higher education in Poland. The opinion of all the parties involved – beneficiaries and people working for the benefit and the development of science – has driven the creators of the constitution from the very beginning. Numerous consultations of the prepared changes and the inclusion of the voice of the communities associated with higher education made it gain so much support.

NAWA sees the 2.0 reform as a huge opportunity for Polish higher education for a pro-quality development and visibility in the world. Science and internationalisation are inseparable terms, if we want to talk about the quality matching the best. In requires a lot of work from both sides of the process, however, there is no other way than internationalisation in higher education, and the Agency’s offer and activities fully support this idea.

The main assumptions of the Act, which will come into force on 1 October 2018, are releasing the potential of Polish science, increasing the quality of education of students and doctoral students and a sustainable development of Polish universities in the use of this potential depending on the capacity of the centres. What measures will ensure the implementation of these objectives? Above all, it will be a major financial injection, anticipating an increase in funds in the science and education system by PLN 47.5 billion over 10 years compared to 2018. Subsequently, financial and institutionalised support for such activities which will measurably increase the rank of Polish science in the world – increasing the quality of Polish publications, abolition of habilitation obligation, doctoral schools eliminating extramural doctoral studies and providing full support to students, as well as systematically raising the level of teaching in Polish universities are proof of a wide-ranging approach to the issues of science and higher education in Poland.