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It is almost three months since our first meeting with the awardees of the Digital Ambassadors contest. How they were doing in this period?

Some of our readers already know them but just to make everything in order – profiles of the awardees are available here Actually the group is somewhat bigger but due to different limitations we were not able to meet all of them in person. 

COVID-19 proved to be an instant test of our “Ambassadors” digital proficiency. And the way they have passed it was remarkable!

  1. Our heroes
    Two members of the group – Sharon (Taiwan) and Konstantin (Armenia) impressed us showing support to the fellow students and medical staff that become vulnerable because of “corona”. Actually all group contributed to fighting pandemic by participating in #Stayathome action.

stay at home

  1. Stay at home and feel at home!
    For most of us limitation on moving outdoors was particularly bothering. How can you meet friends or do the sightseeing without going out? But that is exactly where your creativity comes. So Yolanda (Indonesia) invited us for a tour to one of Poznan art galleries while Solomon (Nigeria) raised our spirits using his great talent playing the National Anthem of Poland on his favorite saxophone.
  1. Videos goes viral
    We knew that some of our “Ambassadors” are particularly active on YouTube. However rising popularity of this tool become amazing as almost every day we see new videos on range of practical and sometimes fun (learning Polish!) issues. Paula (Peru) and Zumaro (Indonesia) apparently discovered their journalist talents as they started interviewing their fellow students at Mi universidad en Polonia (in Spanish) and Zona Zuma (English/ Bhasa). Those and many more are available at NAWA channel or simply here

Except from the above NAWA received many interesting comments on our activities and also very valuable technical support in our everyday work, not mentioning new initiatives that are just going into implementation phase.

We couldn’t be luckier to have you with us guys!