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When NAWA has introduced „Digital Ambassadors” contest on December 2019 with the idea of increasing online activities with a support of the foreign students and graduates of the Polish universities it was simply impossible to forecast how much our idea will evolve in just a few weeks.

 DSC1720In NAWA office, social media trainingAt first, thanks to the extremely high level of applicants we decided to extend the number of awardees. We could clearly see great extent of motivation but also how grateful they were for providing them with the opportunities, be it any of the scholarships – Anders, Banach, Lukasiewicz, Poland My First Choice or just for warm welcome of the Polish friends, colleagues and professors. As a result most of them have been already engaged in a different type of social activities promoting studies in Poland on the one hand, and their own countries and cultures on the other.

Our positive impressions were even boosted when we have met them in person on our social media/ copywriting training on the last week of February. Group of bright, talented, open-minded youngsters from across the world, was bursting with the ideas and amazing stories. Now is the time to introduce them to you, being certain they stories are inspiring indeed. On we present they profiles: how they got attracted with Poland, taking about their experience so far and advantages of studying in Poland.

However, last weeks with the outburst of the coronavirus pandemia overshadowed many of our plans and brought many questions marks on what would seem obvious just at the beginning of the month: how can we attend our classes, how should we work, communicate with other people, etc.?

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Again, answer of our Ambassadors exceeded our expectations in terms of creativity and diversity: from analysing the pandemia from the perspective of medicine student by Jessica Jozefczak (Canada), to sharing advices with the fellow students by Eileen Mwalongo (Tanzania) and Jeffrey Hanafie (Indonesia) to a dose of humour that we need so badly to decrease the stress by Paula Cusipuma (Peru) and Yolanda Victoria Rajagukguk (Indonesia). Of course they do not waste they time and study either by themselves or attending virtual classes via Skype or Teams apps.

It goes without saying that all above is done exclusively from their homes – meaning not only very responsible approach – again, this is the best way to avoid the infection right now – but also 100% digital. Does it mean that we will continue this way forever? This does not seem to be the case, with the news on amazing global efforts to find the cure. However, for the time being it means postponing some real life promotional activities by Polish higher education institutions, so please follow us on web: - updates on coronavirus situation for foreign students, along with important legal guidelines - platform for interacting with NAWA, and academic community from the whole country, please share how you are coping with the situation