Polonium Foundation’s Meetup “To Poland For Science” in Warsaw - NAWA

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On this Saturday, November the 4th, at Pałac Staszica in Warsaw there will be a Meetup for the expats “To Poland For Science”, the 1st Polonium Foundation's event held in Poland!

Who is invited: all international researchers from various disciplines and from around the globe, expats pursuing their postdoctoral, postgraduate or industry research in Poland 

What can you expect: a unique platform for basic and applied science, discovery of funding opportunities, and networking with representatives from diverse scientific disciplines

The event will be conducted in English


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The day’s agenda includes:
- Keynote talks by experienced researchers in academia and industry
- Interdisciplinary research presentations and workshops
- Opportunities to network throughout the day
- Workshops on research funding and science communication
- Coffee breaks, lunch, and some sustainable conference goodies
- Evening networking events and a social mixer


NAWA is a partner of the event, from 11.30 you can meet us at our stand. Our representatives will aslso be there as panelists – dr. Zofia Sawicka,Deputy Director General of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, who will present our programme offer and Tinotenda Mangadze - scholarship holder of the Ulam NAWA programme, conducting her research project at The University of Life Sciences in Poznań. 


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