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Programy NAWA


02.01.2020 - 18.02.2020

We would like to kindly inform all who eagerly awaited this moment that from 2 January 2020 applications for participation in the Program can be submitted. We invite students from foreign universities who want to learn to speak Polish better and enrich their knowledge about Poland, its culture and language. We also invite people who have not studied Polish so far but feel that the time has come to take a step in this direction.


25.03.2021 - 25.05.2021
The NAWA Bekker Programme

The aim of the Programme is to support the international mobility of PhD students, scientists and academic teachers in pursuit of scientific excellence by enabling them to conduct their research in renowned foreign institutions around the world.


25.03.2021 - 15.06.2021
The Ulam NAWA Programme

The aim of the Ulam NAWA Programme is to increase the internationalisation of Polish institutions of science and higher education. The Programme will allow both recognised and promising scientists who hold at least a doctoral degree, to visit Poland in order to strengthen the scientific potential of Polish entities and to participate in their scientific activities, primarily research projects and didactics.  The Programme will allow to invite scientists regardless of their age, from all around the world and representing all fields of science, including Polish scientists working permanently abroad (they may constitute a maximum of 10% of Fellows in the call). HEIs, scientific and research institutes will have the opportunity to invite specialists from their priority areas to Poland – they will make a significant contribution to the research conducted by a given institution, strengthen didactics or support the institution in applying for prestigious grants.


19.04.2021 - 21.06.2021
Bilateral exchange of scientists between Poland and Slovakia

The aim of the call for applications is to support the mobility of scientists conducting research projects agreed and carried out jointly by eligible applicants from Poland and partners from Slovakia eligible under the rules adopted by the The Slovak Research and Development Agency-(SRDA) (referred further as “Activity”).


20.05.2021 - 21.06.2021


The Programme aims at supporting the socio-economic development of developing countries through increasing the level of education and professional qualifications of citizens of the countries eligible for participation in the Programme by way of offering them a scholarship to undertake second-cycle studies in Poland.