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The Research in Poland campaign aims to present the achievements of Polish science and to promote Poland as an attractive country for conducting research and developing a scientific career to international scientific community. The campaign presents: scientists, research teams, R&D&I projects and research infrastructure.

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Agricultural sciences
Engineering and technology
Medical and health sciences
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Essays from the publication „Science in Poland in 34 Snapshots”:


Within the framework of the campaign, the publication 'Science in Poland in 34 Snapshots'was published.

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‘Polish scientists continue to co-create the common structure of world science. They solve scientific problems individually and in research teams, often international ones, in modern laboratories, using extensive research infrastructures and in their own offices, at universities and in scientific and research institutes dedicated to various fields and specializations of science, scattered all over Poland. ‘Science in Poland in 34 snapshots’ is an invitation to explore the fascinating, multifaceted world of Polish science and researchers, observed at work, when they are genuinely passionate about their scientific goals. I wish you a great read!’

Łukasz Wojdyga, Director General at the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange NAWA


‘Science in Poland in 34 snapshots’ is not an attempt at a ranking of the best projects, scholars or institutes. The readers could easily add to it numerous other ‘snapshots’ with equally attractive content and high scholarly value. The essence of our message is simple: the Polish scholarly circles constitute a part of the global research community and possess an interesting and valuable development potential. Each region of our country, each discipline and each institution boast individuals and teams who can become most attractive cooperation partners in ambitious, innovative research work.

Professor Tomasz Szapiro, Chairman of the Scientific Committee for International Promotion of Polish Science, NAWA


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